Spanish-language LDS Standard Works Updated

LDS Standard Works Spanish
After first publishing its own Spanish Bible in 2009, the LDS Church publishes updates to the Spanish standard works. The last update came in 2013.

LDS Standard Works Spanish

Ahoy! Our friends over at LDS Media Talk have informed the world that the Church has updated the Spanish-language scriptures. Per usual in this digital age, the changes are immediate online and in an updated Gospel Library app, but printed copies won’t be out until the end of June 2016. Dang you, demise of printed media!

In addition, the headings of some sections of the Doctrine and Covenants have been updated to reflect findings in the Joseph Smith Papers.

Lest you think this is an update involving all-new canon, it’s basically about typographical errors and other formatting snafus, but let’s go over some of them:

  • Fixed errors in punctuation in the scriptures
  • Loads of fixes to the study guide (the Church says 99 percent of the fixes are to the study guide)
  • New appendices for the guide to the scriptures
  • Moved the Bible chronology out of the study guide and into a separate appendix for easier searching
  • Improved maps
  • Updated photographs with higher-quality images

If you weren’t looking for these changes, you probably wouldn’t notice them.

As a refresher, the Church produced its own Spanish-language Bible in 2009 after years of work. Previously, Spanish-speaking saints relied primarily on the Reina Valera edition of the Bible. These additional changes to the Spanish standard works are in no doubt the result of ongoing efforts to harmonize only the second (of three) full LDS-published standard works that we have.

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