In important request, Al wants to be given a heads up when the estranged lovers/spouses pass away so he can attend the funeral in the hopes one of the widowed estranged partners brandishes firearms. Of course, because this just happened in Idaho.

Julie de Azevedo Hyphen Hanks has a wild week across Mormon blogs discussing healthy sexuality, namely dumb questions we ask women but don’t ask men, and how to talk to your kids about steamy, physical passion. It’s a good’n.

Hey, there’s now an app to report on problems with your church building. This won’t blow up in our faces or anything. No, never.

We’ve got open house dates for three temples! And the prime minister of Fiji visits another temple. Temples everywhere!

In a sad note for America, in a new poll, respondents believe Muslims are less deserving of religious freedom than Christians, and Mormons less so than other Christians and Jews. You go, America. Religious freedom for all, unless that includes Muslims.

Other stuff: University of Utah fellowship for Emeritus Seventy Marlin K. Jensen; Elder Maxwell’s widow dies; Larry Echo Hawk attends MLK events; “quirky” Mormon girl on American Idol; posthumous stereophonic Grammys…

…and that good-times TWiM humor you’ve come to know and love.