For the Complainer in All of Us – LDS Church Launches Facilities Issue Reporting App

Facilities Reporting App
The Church has appified fixing building problems with the Facilities Issue Reporting app.

Facilities Issues Reporting App Mormon[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he houses of worship used by congregants of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, while wonderful, are still prone to the wear and tear typical of any facility used heavily by large masses of people. Couple that with bonkers primary-age kids and internecine games of church basketball, and you’ve got a potential facility crisis on your hands.

For years, issues related to the maintenance of Church buildings have been in the hands of a select few. If “everyday” members of the ward or even ward council had a concern regarding the state of the building, that concern was typically trickled up to the bishopric and/or clerks to be passed along to the “experts.”

Now, however, the great democratizer of the Internet has changed everything, with the facilities crew releasing a Facilities Issue and Reporting (FIR) app. As the release from states:

Facilities Issue Reporting (FIR) is an application that allows local unit leaders to report issues to local facilities management. A leaky faucet, a damaged wall, and a malfunctioning heating or cooling system are just a few examples of the maintenance work performed by local facilities management.

FIR simplifies the interactions between facilities management offices and local ecclesiastical leaders. It enables leaders to submit, track progress of, and view details of facilities issues in their respective buildings. Facilities managers can easily and instantly provide updates to unit leaders through the application

Basically, if you see something, say something. Will this change the fact that half of your building is freezing in winter and the other a balmy 80 degrees? Will the broken chair in the foyer finally be fixed (Not exactly a “building” issue, but still)? Will the innumerable number of broken clocks be replaced or fixed? Will electrical wiring be updated so there’s not a fire that causes sacrament meeting to end early and the building evacuated? Everything I just listed happened in my building in the past year!

Other key features include:

  • GPS Capabilities – a submitted ticket is tied to GPS coordinates, negating the need for the reporter to find the correct location.
  • LDS Account Synchronization – your ticket will autofill from info in your LDS account.
  • Picture Submission
  • Redesigned UI
  • Lots of Language Support!

What’s unclear is the “level” of access one needs in order to use the app. At the time of writing, I currently am a member of the hyper-exclusive Priesthood Executive Committee, and I have full use of the app. Whether or not any member in any calling can do the same remains to be seen. So if you’re a music director or youth instructor or something decidedly not ward council-related, check out the app and let me know, eh?

Now go. Find the faults in your building and make them known to the people that matter.


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