Reportedly over 30 LGBT Mormons between the ages of 14-30 have taken their own lives since the policy change in Handbook one in November 2015. Church leaders have expressed their sorrow over this reports and want to encourage all of us to be more Christlike in our associations with our LGBT brothers and sisters.

Peggy Fletcher Stack does the hardcore research and claims the number of missionaries has dropped by 13 percent, even though the bigger story is that the number remains a full 30 percent higher than it was before the age minimum drop in 2012.

The Friend apparently wants to encourage girls to be engineers. Go figure, eh?

Have First Presidency messages in the Ensign changed much in 10 years? You’d think so, right? OR DID THEY?

Patriarchal blessings are now available online for yourself and any deceased direct ancestors. It’s pretty cool.

The Church has a new Love One Another campaign in honor/spite of Valentine’s Day. It’s pretty great and consists of some noble goals. Let’s break them down.

Other stuff: You’ll have to listen in!