Episode #314 – Most Things Considered

Why is the LDS Church opposing medical marijuana in Utah? There are interesting intersections of church and state at play in the land of the beehive.

Elder Oaks speaks at Johns Hopkins and stresses—you guessed it—the importance of religious freedom. But this speech is more interesting than others of the past.

Apparently tithing used to be literally about one’s increase, as in interest earned on existing holdings. Basically, back in the day, tithing was next to nothing. My, how the times change.

Does the angel Moroni always face east on temples? That seems to be the common consensus, but apparently it’s not true.

Salt Lake Tribune Robert Kirby thinks he set the curve on missionaries performing service, even though all we know of him is he listened to rock music while studying scriptures. An ensample to us all, folks.

RootsTech finishes up in Salt Lake City, and with it, a few new opportunities for members, plus the ability to print actual temple cards at home?!

In other news: the Missionary Department plays the PR game with regards to the Zika virus in South America; a sister missionary dies in a car accident in Pennsylvania; Jabari Parker talks about staying active in church; MoTab announces another European Tour of the same ol’ Germanic places; and stalking by revelation—it’s a thing!