Episode #315 – It’s Gonna Be Yuge

Ordain Women sets a new, moderate tone; Russell Stevenson on income inequality; Mormon conspiracy theories on Antonin Scalia; making church music better.

Greetings, dearest friends. Thanks for hanging with us for yet another week.

United States Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonin Scalia passed away last week, and we discover Mormon groups that think the whole thing was an inside job, replete with quotations from Alma.

Elder Dallin H. Oaks is asked a direct question about LGBT suicides among Mormons, and his answer might surprise you.

Ordain Women seems to have tacitly admitted its previous strategies did not yield desirable results and has reshuffled, giving us the “Ready to Witness” campaign. We’ll break it down.

More importantly, our friend, Russell Stevenson, has written a post about income inequality for the Salt Lake Tribune. We’ll let you guess our thoughts and then encourage you to listen to see how you did. Russell, come back and visit us on the show.

Does music at church need to be more lively? Are our hymns rooted more in tradition than the actual definition of reverence and worship? The Genesis Choir thinks so. So do others.

Also, an epic protest for the return of a bench at BYU. This is BYU!

LDS-led archeologists will be allowed to conduct excavations in Oman to find Nephi’s Bountiful, and clearly no one writing about the topic has ever heard of Oman.

Other news: the Church scuttles a hate crimes bill in the Utah state legislature; dedication dates for the Fort Collins, CO Temple; groundbreaking held for the Kinshasa DRC Temple; the Church gives $1.2 million to Ukraine; and you can join MoTab virtual chorus!

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