Episode #318 – He Also Invested in Uber So He’s Alright

Chris Sacca Uber
Most importantly on this week's show, what do Interstellar and Chick-Fil-A have in common?

This episode comprised sixty one-minute individual episodes, so join us!

Lots has gone around this week about Eliza R. Snow being gang raped, and while it is likely true, the historian behind the research wants to make her findings and conclusions clear instead of letting the Salt Lake Tribune run with a slanted piece. That said, there’s some powerful stuff here.

Mental Floss uses dubious methodology to declare Mormonism the second-largest religion in most states, including Utah. How???

Why exactly did Brigham Young have the Deseret alphabet developed? What’s the deal there?

Harry Potter, Interstellar, and Star Wars are all gospel stories. It’s true. One author really wants us to understand that.

Speaking of, Geoff is full of Harry Potter knowledge as it relates to media. Let him guide you through the world of intellectual property.

Other stuff, Mitt Romney reads mean tweets on Jimmy Kimmel; BYU finalizes the purchase of Y Mountain; BYU is the best college in the universe; factoids about Howard W. Hunter; an Australian dude rejoins the ballet.

Also, a weird aside into fast food.

And lastly, Al goes after Chick-Fil-A employees.



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