General Women’s Meeting went down last weekend, and we were all schooled in learning how to help others, especially refugees. This all culminated in the launch of the I Was a Stranger initiative, a Church website devoted to helping refugees in your community. It’s awesome. It was a landmark evening and we’re excited to talk about it.

Building on that, how about some General Conference predictions? What topics shall grace our eyes and ears? We’re excited, and we hope you’ll join us on Twitter and Slack throughout the weekend.

Also, with conference, comes temple predictions! Will any new temples be announced? If so, where? We’ve got you covered.

Elder Renlund has some interesting counsel about how to not be jerks to those who don’t share our faith or values. It seems obvious, right? But perhaps many of our faith do have trouble not maligning others.

The Star Valley Wyoming temple will be dedicated later this year, a whopping 18 months after breaking ground. The Hartford Connecticut Temple will also be dedicated in November.

Also, Utah creates the first-ever white collar crime database because Mormons get duped by affinity fraud. It’s incredible.

There’s other news, but you can link to it below and hear about it on the show!

This music video by Marie Osmond and Alex Boye is amazing.