It’s that time again, folks. While my expectations of temple announcements have lowered in recent years due to a number of factors (backlog of existing announced or under construction buildings, other priorities, President Monson’s health, three temples announced last Conference), I’m still going to offer up a few possibilities. After all, my track record is better than any of you who picked Kansas to win the NCAA championship. And now with Abidjan and Bangkok out of the way (and I never in a million years predicted Haiti), it’s a brave new world.

For your reference, I’ve created a heat map of sorts that pins a 200-mile-radius circle around a temple location. I use the 200-mile reference because of President Monson’s recent remarks about 85 percent of Church membership being within 200 miles of a temple. Obviously, the map does not account for population density, LDS presence, and the like, but it’s a good visual cue regarding “gaps” in temple coverage. Click it to expand.

Temple Heat

So hit up the next page and let’s get this going!