Temple Predictions, 186th General Conference

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Geoff Openshaw

Geoff Openshaw

And now we gather for our semi-annual temple predictions. Join us, good citizens!

3. Layton Utah

Layton utah

Argument for:

Demographics. Let’s look at a chart.

Making a straight-up argument based on population density is a bit unfair, because Utah County is nearly twice as large geographically as Weber and Davis Counties, combined, with a bunch of that land containing tiny hamlets in the east, dropping the density.

The stakes-per-temple metric is the kicker. With four temples, Utah County has approximately 38 stakes feeding into each temple, which is still huge compared to anywhere else in the world. Layton is a good midpoint along the Ogden-Bountiful corridor, and the combined area has 52 stakes per temple. By adding a third temple to the area, the stakes-per-temple ratio drops down to 34:1, right about in line with Utah County.

This means the metro area has 37 percent more stakes per temple than Utah County, but 50 percent fewer temples, overall. Something’s gotta give.

Argument against:

Quit you’re whining, Utah. Go get a dirty Dr. Pepper and hang out at the Maverick Center.

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