The Huntsman family opts to buy the Salt Lake Tribune, potentially opening the door for greater autonomy and a severing of the paper’s relationship with the Deseret News.

Church spokesman Michael Otterson is retiring after 40 years of PR employment with the Church. His replacement, Assistant Church Historian Richard E. Turley, does not come from the ranks of PR professionals. Will this mean a new approach to public relations for Mormonism? Potentially. Stay tuned.

Brigham Young University buys Provo High School, enlarging the flagship campus for unknown purposes.

Tom Hanks appears on NPR’s “Fresh Air” and talks about the role of religion in his upbringing. It’s short, but interesting. And don’t be a Tom Hanks hater.

One of the missionaries injured in the Brussels attacks returns to his home in St. George, and receives a hero’s welcome!

Our friend Jamesthemormon released an EP, and it’s doing quite well on the iTunes charts! Huzzah for James.

Tennessee’s governor vetoes the bill that would have made the Bible the official state book. #missedopportunity

An Instagram post on the Mormon Channel leads to a guy stalking a single mom. Love ensues.

Other news: Australian media can’t get enough of now-Elder Peter Meurs; Brian Regan really opens up his wallet for Orem; two weeks after her mission, a darling lass is crowned the queen of the Days of ’47 parade; an LDS family builds weird treehouses and TLC cares; and the top 10 names in Utah. It’s very serious!

Editor’s Note: Geoff erroneously referred to African American spirituals as “slave hymns,” which in no way was meant to be insensitive. He merely endured a stupor of thought regarding the term for a vital component of the American musical canon.