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We’re coming off the spiritual high of General Conference and starting to have to have those “wonderful feelings” wane as we “return to earth.” Come back and study Chapter 7: Continuous Revelation through Living Prophets.

It was great to have 12 hours of continuous revelation through living prophets and apostles during General Conference. We were uplifted and inspired. Why is it so essential that we receive these messages? Why don’t we just spend more time on the scriptures and let that be that? Answers to those questions are found in this episode of the Third Hour of Power.

Grady’s wife Kristie is the guest this week. She recently published her side of the story on our move from California to Arizona (here’s his side of the story). Grady was pretty active posting during General Conference. You can read his summaries of the talks and his impressions on his General Conference Wrap Up. Grady is also planning a Social Media Workshop.