Can the Prophet ever lead us astray? Popular blogger Jana Riess attempts to dissect such a notion, but misinterprets the very reference upon which the idea is based. To shame, Jana. To shame.

Mormon missionaries can now wear sunglasses. Apparently they could not before. Or apparently this requires codification. Geoff thinks it’s a move to stymie the efforts of overzealous mission presidents. Al thinks it’s to reign in dumb missionaries. Who wins? You decide!

Not rapper James the Mormon unofficially takes on Tyler Glenn and endures some unforeseen fallout, especially from one John Dehlin. James, Jimmy, Jimbo—this one’s not on you. You meant well.

Transgender bathroom issues are all the rage these days, and the Church has some official commentary on the matter. We have some unofficial commentary on the same matter.

In other news: President Uchtdorf organizes the first stake in the Czech Republic; Al struggles with US/Canada geography; there are actually no LDS Church companies involved with the Panama Papers; and the Pope says bosses are exploiting employees.