Funnyman Steve Soelberg sits in the hot seat to talk about this week’s news. WILL HE SURVIVE?

Nearly half of female Mormon Missionaries will now be allowed to wear slacks during their proselytizing efforts due to concerns over Zika and other mosquito-borne diseases. It’s a pretty hardcore change of events.

Why do Mormons love fantasy novels so much? But seriously, why? Steve has the answer. Steve loves fantasy.

Utah is suffering from a serious opioid addiction epidemic, and the UK’s The Guardian thinks it has some answers as to why.

Lightning effectively destroys the angel Moroni on the Bountiful Utah Temple. We would like to start a petition to have TWiM assume ownership of the damages statue when it is inevitably replaced.

Our very own Al Doan was on BYUtv’s Turning Point over the weekend with his business, the Missouri Star Quilt Company, which has revitalized a previously moribund Missouri town. Watch it below.

Other news: the major “secrets” of missionaries using social media are revealed! Elder Norby of the Brussels bombings leaves the hospital; reservations are open for the Philadelphia Pennsylvania Temple open house; and Steve tells us about announcing Ragnars and getting a license to marry people.