Reservations Available Now for Philadelphia Pennsylvania Temple Open House

inscription stone with spire background
From mid-August to early September, you can tour Philadelphia's newest icon.

inscription stone with spire background

Five years in the making, the Philadelphia Pennsylvania Temple, situated adjacent to Logan Square in Downtown Philadelphia, will be dedicated on September 18, 2016 following an open house from August 10 to September 9.

In addition, the youth in the area will presumably engage in a cultural celebration, which probably has the potential to be one of the better cultural celebrations of recent years. This is Philly, people. The birthplace of America. Home of a US Mint. Land of cheesesteaks. Eastern State Penn! Comcast! Rocky. Bad traffic. A view of Camden, NJ. We really can have it all.

Parking in the area around Logan Square is a huge pain, but the Church wants you to know that the urban location of the temple “allows patrons to easily utilize public transportation to attend.” This may be true, but for those of you unfamiliar with the wonders of Philadelphia’s subway, it is a very, erm, educational experience.

Anywho, tickets to tour the temple are now available, so go get them! Demand will likely be high, so don’t just show up. Walk-ins are known to be turned away (not really, but really get the reservations).

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