Keep your pantyhose on. Al is back.

There is much to tell you this week. So very much.

Popular filtered-streaming service VidAngels is being sued by a few Hollywood Studios. Will VidAngel survive? Will its cheeky retort be its undoing?

Missionaries in Mexico are arrested, released, and reassigned for reportedly attempting to woo minors with food, then baptize them. Yup.

We have YOUR 50 Miss Utah contestants. Also, an LDS woman is crowned Miss New Zealand Tourism International. Not Tourism National. This is not some domestic tourism nonsense, OK? This involves passports.

An article aimed at helping Aaronic Priesthood holders understand how to maximize their responsibility comes under fire for a section about Young Women that basically reduces them to modest or immodest folks. Because that is the only way a girl can help a boy. By not showing cleavage. There can’t possibly be any other ways.

Donald Trump has a major Mormon problem according to Major Mormon Problem™ McKay Coppins. Will Mormons bring Hillary back to the White House?

Mitt Romney dons a mask and fights with the skills of a sixth-grade boy at the latest CharityVision match, stunning everyone and reminding the audience he could have been their lucha-librador-in-chief.

Women in the United States might have to register for the draft. Should we care? Does this compromise family values and gender roles? The Proclamation on the Family says nothing of going to war.

What if THE General Authorities (meaning the First Presidency and Twelve, not you Seventy folks) were Disney characters? has the worst-possible-ever article to explain it for you, with logic as tenuous as your relationship with this podcast.

Other stuff: Orrin Hatch and Muhammad Ali were BFFs; sister missionaries break the rules by leaving late and subsequently save people from a fire; toilet paper wedding dresses; President Monsons gets a scouting facility named after him; why the second Lima Peru Temple matters; and stories of gelato.