Episode #333 – My Name Is URL

Zions Camp
A dog sniffs out porn (and badly); Joseph Smith might have intended to give priesthood keys to Emma; is it time to end pioneer trek reenactments?

This week we’ve got some interesting social media posts by the Brethren, a number of items somehow related to pioneering, and more assorted news.

We’re sad to hear that an Oklahoma woman died while taking part in a youth pioneer trek. The 7-mile journey in 95 degree heat might have been a culprit. Either way, it’s sad, and now we have to wonder whether regulations are in order for miserable pioneer treks and if they are worth the potential cost.

In Salt Lake? On 23 June at the Assembly Hall there will be a great presentation on Zion’s Camp and the Lord’s hand therein.

Popular author (or popular “Deseret News” author if you are Jana Riess intended to mollify so-called “TBMS”) Fiona Givens has been on a book tour, and she sat down with Riess to talk about something interesting: Joseph Smith giving priesthood keys to Emma Smith. True? False? At least worthy of discussion? Absolutely.

URL the dog hunts porn, and he’s apparently not even that great at his job. Get it together, URL.

Elder Holland released a video about depression and mental health issues, framed around his semi-recent General Conference remarks on the topic. It has the feels.

Not to be beaten, President Uchtdorf published a Facebook image talking about how smartphones are basically modern-day seer stones, and who is to say God doesn’t have a hand in technology?

Other news: Winston Churchill once investigated Mormon missionaries over concerns they were brainwashing and abducting British women to Utah; the Freedmen’s Bureau Project completes; dads have an effect on their kids (wow!).

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