Episode #334 – Putin Is Taking the Missionary Discussions

Putin Antiterrorism
Cultural vs Church standards, tattoos at BYU-Hawaii, the wearing (or not) of temple garments, and Putin might curb missionary work in Russia.

Putin Antiterrorism

What a week for news! So much has happened and we couldn’t even get to all of it.

When is it okay not to wear temple garments? Obviously, there are personal choices at play here, and all things should be done through study and prayer, but are there also not clear standards?

Moreover, how does that gel with modesty standards at BYU-Hawaii and the Polynesian Cultural Center? There’s a dichotomy there, and Peggy Fletcher Stack is not pleased with it. Pure rage. Rage!

Russia’s Duma sends a new antiterrorism law to President Putin, which has the potential to curtail religious freedom greatly, including banning proselytizing and even praying outside of a house of worship. Furthermore, religious groups would be subject to government consent, supervision, and even eavesdropping. Just another day in Russia.

Al loves the story of Olive Oatman, the original Tattooed Mormon™. For the uninitiated, Olive was a Mormon who was later abducted by Native Americans only to resurface five years later with tattoos atop her face.

Will Mia Love be Donald Trump’s running mate? Will she become the lone Mormon who actually supports Trump?

Kentucky is getting a Noah’s Ark. We must all visit!

So it turns out President Hinckley spoke out pretty clearly in favor of gun control. Let’s all go back to 1999.

A fancy new app lets you basically spy on your kids’ web usage. This won’t end poorly or anything.

Other news: Brexit hell; Steven Spielberg loves some Mormon family; PBS covers the Church’s welfare program; a gay ex-Mormon is the true heir to the British throne; Philly Temple gets a president; how do we fight Church burnout, and an enterprising father takes out a marriage ad for his unwed, 50-year-old son, and it is gold.


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