How would you define True Greatness? We might have ideas of legendary athletes or titans of industry, but President Hunter has a different definition.

While these example of True Greatness might be determined by what they do in the public eye, Chapter 11 reminds us that True Greatness is defined by the actions we take when no one else is watching. President Hunter exemplified this throughout his life. His biography in the Ensign remarked,

“Though deep-seated modesty would prevent him from ever making the comparison, President Hunter met his own definition of greatness. His greatness emerged in periods of his life far from the spotlight as he made pivotal choices to work hard, to try again after failing, and to help his fellowman.”

Sister Chelsea Carr is joining us this week. She is a fantastic young woman who has chronicled her mission journey and has continued the narrative since she returned home earlier than expected. She wrote recently about the gratitude she feels in heart and how recording and looking back on the things she is grateful for has blessed her. Check out her post, The Noblest of Virtues. As I read this lesson I was reminded of a past post I wrote about how The Lord of the Rings Helps Me Find Good in an Evil World.