Episode #337 – The Trailer of the Sea

Putin Russia Anti-terror
Should we incorporate applause into our church services? Major updates on the missionary situation in Russia; iffy research on celestial polygamy.

Should we incorporate applause into our church meetings, particularly after a musical number? There are surprisingly divided opinions on this. Let us take a journey down the rabbit hole.

We have in-depth information on what being a missionary (or “volunteer”) now means in Putin’s Russia. Crazy stuff.

Per usual nowadays, there’s something of a TWiM political roundup, with Orrin Hatch threatening fellow Utah legislators, polls showing Utahns don’t want Mormon leaders to endorse candidates, and an open letter to Trump about how Mormons’ views on Islam have been shaped by our history.

In a survey of questionable methodology, “researchers” find that Mormons are overwhelmingly uncomfortable with eternal polygamy. While the survey itself is iffy, this is an interesting subject that we don’t often spend much time on.

Should returned missionaries get discounts and perks when it comes to college options?

And in lots of random news: Bryce Harper is engaged again, and to the same girl; Moroni tops the Meridian Idaho Temple; Mormons are not God’s only children; fast for Turkey; Chicago gets a fancy, new meetinghouse; refugees have a float in the Days of ’47 parade; a Mormon family lives on a boat; and Berliners love MoTab!



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