Meet the Mormons, Again

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New Faces New Stories!!

If you’re visiting Salt Lake City and find yourself wondering why the epic, fictional-but-representational pioneer saga, Legacy, isn’t playing at the Legacy Theater at Temple Square, the answer is simple: with 15 million Mormons, we’ll be busy for a while adding “new stories” to the Meet the Mormons film that occupies the grand IMAX-style theater where Liza once found Zion and blessed her ox.

Wait, there’s a new Meet the Mormons Movie?

Kind of. Starting July 16, 2016 there will be more Mormons to meet. See the trailer to see what I mean.

A few things about this are worth pointing out.

  1. They call the cowboy from Morgan a “horseman,” which makes him sound downright apocalyptic. Just be glad there aren’t four! Still, that segment is going to be drop-dead gorgeous because that little corner of the Beehive State is just pure, unrestrained beauty
  2. Tokyo Drift: Popping up in church news for the second time this week: Japan! (wait, what was the first?)
  3. The claim that MtM is in the top 35 most popular documentary films of all time. That’s a funny claim. With a nice not-round number like that, you know it’s ranked at #34 or #35. Still great, but also kind of an odd promotional sound byte.
  4. Never Before Seen Footage: The original Mormons and their stories from the theatrical release of MtM aren’t going away. Just the opposite! Those segments are now expanded and reedited. They’ll be randomized and inserted into the new stories so you never know which one you’ll get.
  5. Be Entertained and Inspired…every 30 minutes? From the theater that typically shows hour-long or feature-length productions? Is Temple Square getting more visitors and needing to cycle more through the Joseph Smith Memorial Building? Or do they just want to cycle existing visitors through the sister missionaries more frequently? Do these questions have answers?
  6. All New Stories: These new pods and segments prove that this format is perma updatable (and long from being tapped out). The new stories will be interchangable and seamlessly integrated with existing stories from the original which will be woven and rotated at random (see #4) like the first ever choose your own adventure documentary, or something like that. Neat!

Well that’s about it. Exclusive to Temple Square and select church visitor centers (looking at you D.C.) comes a few new Mormons to meet, and some you met earlier that you get to know better. Or you could just watch it on YouTube. But hey, for that matter, you might as well watch Legacy on the YouTube as well.

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