Episode #339 – Unreliable Narrators

Gary Johnson Mormon
Gary Johnson puts his foot in his mouth regarding Mormons; was Korihor afforded religious freedom? Should we be OK with genetically modifying people?

Gary Johnson Mormon

Big stories this week! Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson walks back remarks about Mormons allegedly wanting to use religious freedom as justification to shoot people. What he really meant was everyone else wanted to shoot Mormons. Who knows. Just don’t vote for Trump.

Utah’s Planned Parenthood chapter backs off on its ill-devised plan to distribute “CTR” condoms. Oh yes! And they were going to be free at Sunstone. The real question is whether a certain former Ordain Women figurehead was behind the whole thing.

As science evolves and the possibility of being able to “customize” our genes inches closer, should the Church have a stance on such things? Should we allow ourselves to be genetically modified or do we need to be “as God made us”?

A Huffington Post writer tells her tale of rape, unwanted pregnancy, and the lack of support the Church reportedly gave her. It’s sad stuff. Folks, be there for people who endure hardship and remember how much those negative experiences can snowball with other doubts into leaving the Church.

Many of you are likely on or recently had the gospel doctrine lesson about Korihor. How do we reconcile Alma 30’s disparate parts? Mormon goes way out of his way to talk about religious freedom among the Nephites, but Korihor is then bound and tried for expressing his religious views. Let’s get into it.

A study by a presenter at Sunstone talks about trends among doubters in the Church. The survey methodology isn’t perfect, but the results are very interesting.

Also, Al gets drunk.

There are lots of other little snippets of brilliance this week, so check out the show links below and come commingle with us.


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