Episode #342 – Hans Shot Last

Donald Trump Mormon
The Boss

The Boss

Political science professor Hans Hassell of Cornell College sits down with us to talk about the 2016 election, political theory, the Donald, and Mormons.

Donald Trump Mormon

Political science professor Hans Hassell of Cornell College sits down with us to continue our discussion on the wild and wonderful 2016 election system, how it relates to the Mormon perspective, and how on earth we are sitting in a world with Donald Trump as a viable presidential contender.

Our recent guest Evan McMullin has been in the election for a few weeks, and a new poll was released last week showing him in fourth place in Utah, which is not first. Surprisingly, Trump remains well ahead in Utah despite all of the press coverage about a paucity of LDS support for Mr. Winner.

Also, the Church is building a web page to help members learn how to discuss and defend religious freedom. This is the order of the day, folks! If you want a website about how to improve yourself as an individual and a leader, we recommend LeadingLDS, which is not done by the Church, but whoop dee do.

Why are Mormons susceptible to get-rich-quick schemes? This is an issue that top Church leaders are aware of, and Elder Dallin H. Oaks speaks about the reasons behind it and offers some tips on how to avoid getting sucked in.

Did you see the whole mess with former congressman and perennial mormon Tom Tancredo publishing a piece about how much Mormons are failing by not supporting Trump and how “Mormon leaders” are suppressing democracy? Even the Deseret News weighed in with a scathing editorial.



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