Join us this week as we sit down with Redge Flake and Bryan Fugal of the upcoming film, The Last Descent, the tale of John Jones, who died in the fabled Nutty Putty caves.

In other news, Elder Holland thinks we should be far more outraged over the treatment of refugees, specifically citing sexual violence against women. In a related move, a huge tranche of the Church’s recent donations to refugee resettlement efforts air reserved specifically for the resettlement of refugees in the United States.

Hey, the Church joined Snapchat! Woo hoo!

In a new Pew study, less than 50% of Mormons now self-identify as Republicans. That’s a huge drop from 2012. Why?

Timpview High School almost bans cheerleader uniforms because of a complaint about modesty. *sigh*

A YSA bishop takes a unique approach (that seems sensical) to helping doubters in his congregation. The key is not to be a moron, it turns out.