Peggy Fletcher Stack thinks future Mormon temples will have condominium towers built next to them because of the Philadelphia project. Is she correct? Current temple construction says no. What do you think?

Odd couple John Dehlin and Patrick Mason start a Patheos blog wherein they shall debate the true tenets of Churchiness! Is this a good idea?

Elder Bednar wanted some help writing a song. Paul Cardall answered the call. You won’t believe what happens next!

The Church releases a volume of the Joseph Smith Papers containing minutes from the mysterious rogue organization the Council of 50. Little is known of this secret society, and now we will expose it for what it truly is! (Dramatic, no?)

Do you think you’ll never leave the Church? Think again, says one blogger. You just might. We’re all frail and mortal.

Lots of other random news: Philadelphia Temple dedication; Cedar City Temple gets its Moroni; President Uchtdorf visits refugee camps and commend Europe for Europeness; David Archuleta volunteers to help Louisiana flood victims; Elder Rasband becomes the first apostle to visit Southern Virginia University; and more drama out of Timpview High School!

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