Rogers Arkansas

Geoff: This one has been around for years. Years and years and years. And I’m giving it more love now because my cousin is serving his mission there. So clearly, do it for Elder Day, folks. Besides that, this is glaringly the only part in the United States with this many stakes outside of the 200-mile zone, even if the temples closest to it are only just over that line.

Joe: This would get nicknamed the the Wal-Mart temple…by me. I hope they wouldn’t make it look like a Wal-Mart. That would be terrible for my Capitalistic-Religious Complex conspiracies! But there’s good reason for this area to be the perennial favorite on temple guess lists everywhere. It’s sort of become the Sean Connery to Saturday Night Live’s Jeopardy. And yet, no Moroni. C’mon Ozark folks, quit yer snake handlin’!