Praia Cape Verde

Joe: If you are an island nation in Polynesia and you have a decent population of Latter-day Saints, you get a temple. Why not island nations of other oceans? Enter Cape Verde. A political and economical success story in contrast to its mainland African neighbors, a temple here would be a stable investment in the faith of the country, its leaders, and its people, especially its Mormons!

Geoff: I say, good show boy, good show. Most of you reading this might see the name Praia and experience a stupor of thought. Where the heck is Cape Verde? Cape Verde is an island nation off of the coast of Senegal in West Africa. Formerly a Portuguese colony, the Church is certainly smaller there than in the aforementioned Polynesian countries, with three stakes and two districts.

But again, look at the bigger picture. A temple in Cape Verde would serve not just the saints there, but also potentially those in the Canary Islands and parts of West Africa, many of which make the trek to Madrid or Accra. This would be a solid investment for the future.