Temple Announcement Predictions: 186th Semiannual General Conference

Geoff Openshaw

Geoff Openshaw

Where will new Mormon Temples be announced during the October 2016 Semiannual General Conference? Come play the game with us.


Layton Utah

Joe: This one hasn’t happened yet because it’s gotta be one of the worst places in Utah. I should know, I live nearby. That said, a temple in the growing communities west of I-15 in this part of the county would take about 15 stakes from the very overcrowded Ogden temple district, and about 15 or even 20 stakes from the very, very, very crowded Bountiful temple. And it would fill in the temple gap amid the urban sprawl of the northern Salt Lake suburbs, because why should southern Salt Lake County get all the temple love? No, an easy 30 stakes for a new Davis County temple would still put that allocation in the top tier of stakes per temple, currently. As far as predictions go, this is my top pick.

Geoff: I believe when we talked about this the last time, we broke down some stake and population density numbers between Davis/Weber and Utah Counties, showing that the fast-growing area between Salt Lake and Ogden has way, way more stakes per temple than Utah County, which now boasts four temples total. It only makes sense to throw another one along the corridor and relieve pressure on Bountiful and Ogden.

The downside, of course, is that if they build it in the new western areas, the never-in-a-million-years-will-it-evaporate Great Salt Lake might just wash the whole place out. Also, why should Bountiful be the only temple high atop its town?

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