Episode #349 – ANGRY POLITICS!!

Welp, it’s been an interesting week on the politics front, and relevant to you, our Mormon audience, because of the Mormon fallout from Donald Trump’s latest comments. Plus, Evan McMullin is now surging in the polls. Even Glenn Beck has sort of endorsed Hillary! Everything is topsy-turvy!

While we’re at it, you might see some LDS political memes featuring the “words” of prophets. Many of them are not true. Do your due diligence.

Should apostles retire? Following a General Conference in which an aged President Monson barely spoke, as well as what some perceived as backwards remarks by members of the Twelve in the so-called “Mormon Leaks” videos, some (as in, Salt Lake Tribune writers) wonder whether we should allow emeritus status for the Twelve. What do you think?

Interested in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir’s Christmas concert? Tickets will no longer be as lottery! First come, first served. Get in there!

KSL has a recap of what’s happened since the Church’s call to aid refugees six months ago.

In wonderful, settling news, BYU is now back up to 2012 enrollment levels. In related news, the number of missionaries is down from its 2014 peak. There appears to be an inverse relationship here.

Other news: President Uchtdorf does his own Facebook! The Hartford Connecticut Temple open house is underway! BYU police might be passing off police records to the Honor Code office! And so much more!