Episode #350 – I Want it That Way

Should the Church be wading in on legalizing recreational marijuana? Do LDS temple open houses fail the disabled? Will Evan McMullin take Utah?

Jana Riess chimes in about the Church’s purported failings when accommodating disabled persons, but especially in light of a friend’s visit to a temple open house. Unfortunately, it seems to be a one-sided attempt at click bait more than anything.

What are we to make of the Church’s recent letter encouraging members to vote down initiatives on physician-assisted suicide and recreational marijuana? Is this a step too far? Is this past the “moral” test? Some are calling for the Church to lose its tax-exempt status for being so overtly involved in such things. There’s some great discussion to be had here.

In (very) quick political news, Mormon candidate Evan McMullin has now tied Donald J. Trump in Utah, according to a new poll. Utah was also dubbed a battleground state by CNN, something that doesn’t happen very often.

Remember when the Church was involved in continuing the so-called “Zion Curtain” in Utah? The “curtain” is the barrier between where alcohol resides and where patrons eat in a restaurant, intended to remove booze from view. Well in a new theater, there is now a “Zion Ceiling” to prevent folks above a lobby from seeing down into the nefarious world of liquor.

In other news: The Mormon Tabernacle Choir announces its Christmas concert guest; the Fort Collins Colorado Temple is dedicated; the Mount Timpanogos Temple celebrates 20 years in operation with no fanfare whatsoever; BYU is set to raise tuition—again; the Mormon Channel hops on the Ted Talks bandwagon many years too late with “Hope Works”; the Church donates to Utah State University’s Mormon studies program.

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