Episode #351 – The Mormon Mafia

Should we be upset about Julie B. Beck praying at a Trump rally? The Church relaunches its LGB-outreach website, Mormon and Gay.


Former Relief Society General President Julie B. Beck offers a prayer at a Trump-Pence rally in Utah, and many across the interwebs are dismayed. But is this anything to be dismayed over? Is there too much intermingling with even former Church callings and religion? Or is it really just because this is about Trump? We have answers.

Speaking of politics, all-around unpleasant ogre Lou Dobbs sent a Twitter tirade over to Evan McMullin, saying he was a product of the “Mormon Mafia.” The Twittersphere responded in kind, and the results were wonderful.

Also in politics, Elder D. Todd Christofferson messed up and donated to a friend’s campaign for a local school board. General Authorities have been banned from making political contributions since 2011. Elder Christofferson owned up to the mistake and we can all move on. OR CAN WE?

Lastly, LDS Daily wants to help you learn how to vote. Their five-step process will turn you into the most amazing, informed person ever.

BYU formally adopts changes to its Title IX and Honor Code process, removing the former from association with the latter, and granting victims of sexual assault amnesty as far as perceived Honor Code violations go. This is huge news for BYU.

The Church rebrands its stillborn “Mormonsandgays.org” website into “Mormon and Gay,” a subdomain much more clearly part of LDS.org, including interviews with gay Latter-day Saints. There’s some terrific stuff here.

And in assorted news: General Authorities and Officers release videos affirming their love for everyone; you can visit a swanky FamilySearch center in Layton; Jon Schmidt’s daughter remains missing; the Church dubs a website an “online art exhibit; and more!

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