Episode #352 – Come On White People, Dance It Up

The Boss

The Boss

Should modesty be a concern on Halloween? Should the children of Mormon Democrats be teased mercilessly? Should Al eat better steak?


In hard-hitting analysis, should modesty and/or temple garments be a concern on Halloween? Did you skank it up for funsies? Let us know in the comments.

Junior high kids mercilessly tease a classmate for having a Democrat mom. Isn’t this just important corrective behavior?

Has there really been a “mass exodus” from Mormonism? The data says not really, but it’s still a concern.

James the Mormon, who might someday get sued by the Church for using “Mormon” in his stage name, raps open a Deseret Industries! It’s the best thing of the week! Video embed below.

An enterprising YSA ward in Provo decides to assign a point value to courtship success in an effort to stimulate dating in the ward. And John Dehlin loves it!

President Uchtdorf sleeps in and winds up attending a refugee branch in Salt Lake.

Will Evan McMullin win Utah? Probably not. Time for our last pre-election political rundown.

Among religious groups, Mormons have the highest rate of those with some college education without completing a degree. Why?

Other news: Anniversary of the Handbook 1 changes from last year; LDS and Jewish leaders meet in Jerusalem; why doesn’t the media care about hate speech toward Mormons? Elder Bednar dedicates the Star Valley Wyoming Temple; and more!

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