Well, it’s morning in America? Weird week. We can’t help but talk about the election a bit, so please indulge us. And then, we think, we are done! Unless something else wacky and wild happens.

However, of interesting note, Evan McMullin peaked too early and came in third place in Utah. Trump still carried Utah handily, though by a significantly lower percentage than in 2012. Also, 61% of Mormons voted for Trump.

In happier news, the open house and dedication dates for the Paris France Temple have been announced! You have to wait until late spring next year, but it’s happening. The greatest cultural celebration of all time.

Are we quietly talking more about Heavenly Mother? It appears we might be, but is it intentional? Is it planned? Is it a pivot away from male-centric discourse?

Other news: suspicious water bottles found in Church building (bombs); Mormon channel shows interfaith tutoring program secretly designed to convert Baptist youth; Church Christmas campaign announced; Teaching in the Savior’s Way training; more donations to help refugees.