Irene Kim Stone joins us to talk about post-election issues, like Mitt Romney potentially being Secretary of State, Steve Bannon saying not-nice things about Mormons, kids being shunned for their parents being Democrats, and more!

The Church quietly removed Elder Boyd K. Packer’s famed “Little Factories” talk from and withdrew a pamphlet (that was still available?!) from the LDS store. This is a sad day for us all, but it also leads us into a great discussion on LDS sexuality.

Also, Irene walks us through her General Authority power bracket, which is a thing, or it should be a thing. Basically, she’s not in love with Elder Bednar, which is silly, because Elder Bednar is awesome.

The Church announces new Book of Mormon videos like the recently completed Bible Videos series. These will be cool, and you can be a part of it, too!

Other news: Saints in Orange County, California build a scale replica of the tabernacle; woman jailed after beating her husband with Jesus; Idaho Falls Temple reopening; Winnipeg Temple groundbreaking; new LGBT center in Provo; y más!

Also, a giveaway! Listen to the whole show!