A number of articles were published this week about people who leave the Church, so were there some common threads within these articles? Absolutely, and it makes for some interesting discussion.

Did you KNOW that a Mormon would make a great Secretary of State because reasons? LDS Living says so, and really captures the things that make Mormons unique.

Gospel doctrine lessons are receiving new scholarly supplements for 2017, but will teachers and students notice and/or employ them? Will we take the time to get away from the “cartoon version” of the gospel?

The Light the World Christmas campaign by is in full swing, and we couldn’t be happier. Actual calls to serve!

A naked dude runs around the Logan Temple grounds, looking for a wife. He did not succeed, unless the measure of success was whether he got arrested, which he did.

Other news: Our t-shirt contest winner! Liberia gets its stake back; refugee talk; McKay Coppins goes to The Atlantic; Church loses petition to take sexual abuse case off of the Navajo reservation.