Episode #359 – Essentially A Clip Show

Join us on a journey through yesteryear as we revisit the very first episode of This Week in Mormons. Boy were we young and green.


Come with us to the days of yesteryear, or rather, January 2010, when This Week in Mormons premiered with its very first episode, titled “The Thirty-foot Temple.” We were very green then (so green we had to re-record the entire episode because we stank at audio production), though Al was just as offensive and Geoff just as pretentious!

Is this basically the same as a TV show that lazily throws together clips of previous episodes and calls it a new episode? Not quite. Those people actually curated best moments. We’re so lazy we’re just republishing an entire episode rather than listen through our corpus to find standout moments over the past seven years.

Of note in this episode:

  • The then-new Mormon Battalion Visitors Center in San Diego
  • Drama with the then-announced Phoenix Arizona Temple
  • The link between Christianity and obesity
  • The use of tech in the Church

But we hope you enjoy. Happy new year!

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