Episode #362 – L’Imposteur!

French Films With Trains
We are true to our word. We challenged you to record your own episode of This Week in Mormons, and you responded. We give you: GREG!


We challenged you to record your own episode of TWiM, and you responded. Enjoy a bit of banter from us and the bulk of the episode carried by none other than his eminence Greg W. Anderson. Thanks, Greg!

To discuss: How big should Mormonism’s tent be? Are there “allowable boundaries” when it comes to the rules? A recent BYU devotional with Elder Quentin L. Cook causes some controversy because of alleged traditionalist views espoused in his remarks.

Studio C visits Conan and talks about clean comedy and being famous with Conan O’Brien’s kids. Greg thinks the Studio C kids will not get the same bump that comedians of yore did from talk show appearance.

Also, cursory Ender’s Game references.

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