Episode #363 – Theodemocracy

This Week in Mormons Episode #363
Elder Oaks gets real about climate change; no, profanity is not cool; serious VidAngel talk; the hunt for MormonLeaks; and Rexburg poultry fights!

Elder Dallin H. Oaks mentions climate change, free trade, and the “aggressive” Trump administration in a BYU-Hawaii commencement address. Pretty specific language that we’re not accustomed to hearing from the apostle.

Likewise, many Women’s March enthusiasts were upset by some remarks from Sister Elaine S. Dalton, the former Young Women General President, who witnessed a glimpse of the march and wished the women there were marching for “virtune.” Prominent Bloggernacler Jana Riess also attempts to justify profanity but uses flawed logic to reach her conclusions.

We engage in a joyous discussion on VidAngel’s future as a clean content provider, particularly as it goes up against byuTV. Also, do you want to have the fulls rules of Relative Race explained to you? We’ve got you covered.

Former Utah governor, former ambassador to China, and (by all accounts) lapsed Mormon Jon Huntsman has reportedly been tipped to be the ambassador to Russia. Poor fella.

Only in Rexburg do kids throw live chickens into one’s apartment with an attached note reading, “Screw you, Kyler!” Also, only in Rexburg is a girl named “Kyler.”

The Mormon Church finally goes after the website MormonLeaks, but not over the obvious stuff. The cease and desist came because MormonLeaks posted an internal presentation document that the Church says is copyrighted material and the unauthorized presentation of which is a violation of the Church’s intellectual property. Look, when the Church’s trademark non-profit is named “Intellectual Reserve,” you don’t mess with it, people.

Our own Josie Gleave interviews Mary Campbell, historian who authored a book about 19th century temple photographer and erotica peddler Charles Ellis Johnson. How does one get into erotica while being close to top Church leadership?

Other news: farewell, sports at BYU-Hawaii; the Atlanta Temple vociferously opposes sitting on “Mercedes-Benz Drive;” major renovations will close two temples for two years each; black students at BYU complain about awkwardness; no subpoena for President Monson over Navajo scandals; and can you honor the Sabbath while working on the Sabbath?

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