Lehi Utah Temple

Lehi Utah

Joe: Lehi is definitely fertile land for a House of the Lord. The problem is, it’s been ever under the shadow of that 80s film which I still can’t believe our parents let us watch; the Lehi Roller Mills and surrounding community never seemed to recover from that dance ban, Silicon Slopes notwithstanding. And let’s face it, one can’t have a temple cultural ceremony without dancing, can one? It just isn’t done. Curse you, John Lithgow!

Other downside: Lehi is something like the new Draper, and do we really need two Drapers and two Draper temples?

Geoff: Last time we chose Eagle Mountain so as to space out the distance from the Draper and Mt. Timpanogos temples, but this time I’m setting my wagons east by a few miles away from the hinterlands of Montaña de Águila and embracing the soon-to-be terminus of the Mountain View Corridor. I’m OK to go, Jodie. I’m OK to go.

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