Managua Nicaragua Temple

Managua Nicaragua

Geoff: Enough already. We’ve called for a temple in Nicaragua’s capital in the past for a number of reasons: Nicaragua is the last Hispanophone Central American country without a temple; Nicaragua is the country with the most stakes without a temple; the Tegucigalpa Honduras Temple already supports 34 stakes and districts in Honduras alone; and oh yeah, did we mention an apostle recently visited the area? Do we really think he wasn’t scouting out temple stuff, too?

Joe: A temple in Nicaragua is basically human rights at this point.

Plus, you know the tune, as Guy Lombardo sang:

I have been to many tropic ports
I might include even Brooklyn
If you’re ever feelin’ out of sorts
I’d like to recommend a look in…

Managua, Nicaragua, what a wonderful spot
There’s coffee and bananas and a temperature hot
So take a trip and on a ship go sailing away
Across the agua to Managua, Nicaragua, ole!

I rest my case.