Mormon Temple Predictions, April 2017

Angel Moroni
Mark Brendanawicz

Mark Brendanawicz

A fun and informative exercise in predicting the announcement of temples, sans revelation but with cheeky humor!

Bentonville Arkansas Temple

Bentonville Arkansas

Geoff: Although this may seem like a new prediction, aside from being the home of Wal-Mart, Bentonville is actually the likely location for a temple in the Rogers area, which we’ve called for extensively in the past. Some local insiders have stated they have firsthand knowledge of the Church purchasing land in the city for a special building. So we are basically communicating what we heard from another party that heard it from another party. Or a rumor, if you will.

Either way, this area continues to be the most populated region of the country with a solid LDS presence that is outside of a 200-mile-radius circle.

Joe: Look, I know this guess is the always-a-bridesmaid-never-a-bride perennial pick on everyone’s temple guess lists, but in all honesty, I’m over it and here’s why: You need members where there is a temple. Looking at the temple districts that flank this region, you are faced with 2 of the smallest districts in the U.S. of A. To the east, there are only 6 stakes in the Memphis temple district, half of which are in Arkansas! And to the west, the 4 stakes around the Bentonville/Rogers area would take almost 30% of Oklahoma City’s temple district away.

When you do that, in this part of the country, there’s just not a lot of other members to fill in the gaps. A temple here would ruin attendance in the neighboring temples, and would barely have the ability to be fully staffed. Then again, there’d be sure to be a windfall of attendance from Branson up yonder, with all those Utah retirees going to enjoy the shows. Perhaps we could have the hotels concierges there recommend it to their guests.

Geoff: Meh, we’re surviving in DC even though the Philly Temple pilfered our district last year. Have some faith, brother!

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