Mormon Temple Predictions, April 2017

Angel Moroni
Mark Brendanawicz

Mark Brendanawicz

A fun and informative exercise in predicting the announcement of temples, sans revelation but with cheeky humor!

Praia Cape Verde Temple

Praia Cape Verde

Joe: Channeling Moana: Make way, TWiM nation, make way! It’s time you knew that the island nation of Cape Verde needs its own temple. The dancers are practicing, they dance an ancient song. (Other islands get their own; it’s Praia’s turn.) With just as many stakes as other temple zones, it’s home to faithful saints, that’s all we need. Look how their members grow, along the Tropic of Cancer. Spain is just way too far, across the sea.

Geoff: I have no idea what is happening right now. We’re barely into this, Joe, and you’re speaking in some sort of parseltongue. Besides, Cape Verde has three stakes and two districts, but is stuck heading up to Madrid for temple work. The potential downside is that the Madrid Spain Temple will lose one feeder stake from France later this year when the Paris Temple is dedicated, and some others whenever the Lisbon Temple is completed. But I dig having another island nation temple. It seems like it’s been too long.

Joe: I’ll show you a parseltongue. Here’s the real deal: we gave Praia an excellent breakdown in our previous Temple Predictions article, and many of those reasons are still valid, says I. I think the lost feeder stakes are not consequential to the justification that this island nation alone has as many members that other temple districts have, especially other island temples.

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