Mormon Temple Predictions, April 2017

Angel Moroni
Mark Brendanawicz

Mark Brendanawicz

A fun and informative exercise in predicting the announcement of temples, sans revelation but with cheeky humor!

Auckland New Zealand Temple

Auckland New Zealand

Geoff: Alright, I admit this seems weird. Auckland is not exactly far from the Hamilton New Zealand Temple, but that Temple is also small, and the northern part of North Island has a good number of stakes. It sounds odd, but I hear buzz about Auckland. And this day and age of two temples in Lima and Provo (with another same-city temple predicted by us later), anything goes.

Joe: While a glance at the clusters of stakes and members in New Zealand make this choice look almost obvious, to me the better place would be in the Capital of Cool, in Wellington. If the 200-mile radius is our loose barometer, then the existing temple in Hamilton could be argued to already be Auckland’s de facto temple. Even if the cluster of stakes in the northwest seems attractive enough to merit its own, what would that do to the existing temple’s district? It would decimate it.

Also, if there’s no love for South Island, let’s at least make it a little closer for them to travel to a temple, by meeting them in the middle with a Wellington House of the Lord. Either way having a temple in Christchurch would be the coolest.

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