Mormon Temple Predictions, April 2017

Angel Moroni
Mark Brendanawicz

Mark Brendanawicz

A fun and informative exercise in predicting the announcement of temples, sans revelation but with cheeky humor!

Brasilia Brazil Temple

Brasilia Brazil

Geoff: When you’ve been in the country for decades and seem to announce a new temple there at least once per annum, you do the right thing and finally build one in the friggin’ capital city. Brasilia is not lacking for stakes and it is far enough removed from the coastal metropolises that building a temple here seems like a no-brainer. I mean come on, MANAUS got a temple, but not yet Brasilia?

Also, let’s do it to give the love to a kid from my old ward (thanks, Church gerrymandering!) who is serving a mission there.

Joe: Slow clap, Geoff. Slow clap. Frankly it’s surprising with the number of stakes they have in the region (roughly 15 stakes and 3 districts) for Brazil’s architecturally amazing capital city to be without a temple. Sure the one in Rio will serve, well, mostly Rio, and EVEN if they announced one somewhere else like Salvador, I still think there’s a decent case to make for Brasilia. How cool would it be if they designed an edifice that was an homage to Oscar Niemeyer who was the genius behind most of the iconic structures in this federal city!!?

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