Episode #364 – Aloha

Laie Hawaii Temple
The Boss

The Boss

How do we keep up on our personal spiritual arcs? How do we seek balance? How do we experience a spiritual reawakening? How do we endure? Also, humor!

Laie Hawaii Temple

We’re back in the saddle after a lengthier break and thrilled to be here. Much has happened since we last joined you, both in the Church and in our personal lives, and as we are an open, loving set of hosts, we shall regale you with our personal goings and doings.

Let’s talk about “personal arcs” of discipleship. How do we prevent from dipping? How do we get so engaged in the rest of life that we cut off the other good things we’ve done that have brought us to the place we are? How do we seek balance? How do we experience a spiritual reawakening? How do we endure? We get existential for about a third of this episode.

Also, of course, there was news. We have some thoughts on General Conference, especially the alleged scandal about lower levels of female involvement this time around.

Freedom of worship around the world is on the decline. Particularly for those of us in the United States, do we need more perspective on what “religious freedom” actually entails? We just saw Russia effectively outlaw Jehovah’s Witnesses. Religious freedom is legitimately imperiled in many places in the world.

In political news, super amazing guy Jason Chaffetz (UT-3) has announced he will not seek reelection, and now the world is abuzz about who will replace him. One name submitted to the zeitgeist is none other than Elder Holland’s son, Matt Holland, who is currently the president of Utah Valley University and seems like a swell guy. But would Mormons be unduly swayed by having an apostle’s son run for public office?

Also, will Senator Mitt Romney become a thing? We can only hope and pray, brothers and sisters. We can only hope. And pray.

Our friends at LeadingLDS are hosting a virtual summit on improving your motivation to get engaged in home teaching and other areas. It’s great! And if you attend you help TWiM!

Other news: BYU is having a women’s conference; the Church donates to the Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia, Idaho Falls and Paris France temple photos, and other miscellanea, like Al getting hitched.

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