LDS Church Ushers in the Modern Era with Parental Leave, Pants for Women, and Jacketless Dress Perks for Employees

Church Office Building Mormon
The move comes a year after the Church loosened dress and grooming standards for Mormon missionaries.

Church Office Building Mormon

In a move forecasters never saw coming, and reflective of evolving dress and grooming standards for Mormon missionaries, on June 28 The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced changes to the dress standards for male and female employees, while also addressing parental leave issues.

Per the Deseret News, Women may now wear pantsuits and slacks to work, bringing us one step closer to jeans, which are dangerously too casual. But seriously, in 2017 it’s nice to let women dress like humans. The real question is whether the Relief Society, Young Women, and Primary General Presidencies will follow suit, err, pantsuit.

Likewise, men will be permitted to remove their jackets in hot weather, which makes us wonder at which point that would be. After all, the Church Office Building is air conditioned, and I’ve seen men in there not wear their coats while prancing about the office. So does this refer to when men go outside? Like, the Church required men to wear their suit coats if they walked over to City Creek for some lunch? We have footage of President Uchtdorf jacketless in the food court!

Also, men will now be allowed to wear shirts other than the hue white. There are still some restrictions, with a pamphlet handed out to employees calling for “light-colored dress shirts.” We see no mention of patterns, so assume they are fair game. If you’re interviewing at the COB, rock that gingham. Rock it hard.

Arguably more important than all of this sartorial news is the announcement that female full-time Church employees will now receive six weeks of fully paid maternity leave, and men will receive one week. As with many employers in the United States, previously, new mothers often used a combination of disability insurance, sick days, and accrued vacation time to get some semblance of paid leave to watch over their child. It’s nice to see one of the leading pro-family institutions in the world embracing change, at whatever pace that may be.

Lost in the shuffle was the announcement of a new “wellness center,” which is marketing speak for a gym, on the seventh floor of the COB. The center will include what one would typically expect to find, minus those ridiculous Peloton subscriptions.

Not stated among the perks is whether there will be a foosball table, free snacks in the break room, telecommuting, purchase of Jamboards, or unlimited PTO.

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