Sorry, Hamilton Lovers, Christopher Jackson Is out at the Mormon Tabernacle Choir’s Pioneer Day Concert. Alex Boyé Is In.

Alex Boye Tabernacle Choir
The abrupt announcement comes less than a week before the Mormon Tabernacle Choir's annual Pioneer Day concert.

Alex Boye Tabernacle Choir

With less than a week before the Mormon Tabernacle Choir’s famed annual Pioneer Day concert, the organization has announced that special guest star Christopher Jackson will be unable to attend and is to be replaced by erstwhile Tabernacle Choir member, Lion King enthusiast, and go-to Utah pinch hitter Alex Boyé. Jackson, known for his role as George Washington in the excellent “Hamilton” and Chunk Palmer in the mediocre CBS drama “Bull,” was apparently unable to make logistics work between shooting “Bull” and flying to Salt Lake for the concert, which seems like bull.

Enter Boyé, whom Mormon Tabernacle Choir president Ron Jarrett describes as “a performer who has received international acclaim for his unique style of music….” Indeed, the English-born Boyé has been all over the map—literally—in recent years, producing a bevy of hit YouTube videos as well as serving as a member of the choir for a number of years. So before you go and see one particular homecoming this weekend, remember that another will occur in Salt Lake City next week.

How this will affect the direction of the show or audience expectation is anyone’s guess. Comments on MoTab’s Facebook Page run the gamut between excitement to disappointment to the point of not attending.

We’d like to use this opportunity to remind Sherry Trimble that although Alex has a large following in Utah, he is not “local talent” and he only moved there in 2000 from Britain, where he was a member of the boy band Awesome. But she didn’t call him “home grown” talent, so all’s fair.

MoTab’s Twitter game isn’t quite as robust, meriting one disappointed response:

Buck up, Lee.

However, some related Tweets were a bit more on the nose:

If you are one of the many of us who rarely think about Pioneer Day and also don’t live in Utah, the concert will be live-streamed on Free tickets are still available for you in-person folks here. KSL Classifieds and StubHub have yet to get in on the resell game.

For those of you who are still upset about the change, we leave you with Frasier’s very own Bob “Bulldog” Briscoe, who even made it to series regular status from seasons 4 through 6:

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