Episode #373 – Jason Chaffetz Could Have Saved Us

Mormon Excommunication
Elder James J. Hamula is excommunicated, stories of working for Jason Chaffetz, new MTC in Ghana, the impending end of VidAngel.

Elder James J. Hamula of the Seventy is released and excommunicated. This is a major event in Mormonism, the likes of which haven’t happened since 1989, and before that, the 1940s. While we have natural curiosity about everything, let’s talk about how we can retain our faith when we see even those in important Church positions struggle.

VidAngel is doomed, basically. Our co-host for this episode, Ashton Bingham, is a videographer and has many opinions about dearest VidAngel, which just lost its bid to have a court injunction reviewed.

Ashton used to work for Jason Chaffetz’s committee. He regales us with tales of working for Mr. Jason E. Chaffetz, who apparently has no real middle name.

Likewise, what about that piece about Senator Jeff Flake and Mitt Romney’s so-called obligation to “save us” from Donald Trump?

Ghana is getting a newer, much larger Missionary Training Center. It replaces the existing MTC, which could hold a maximum of 90 missionaries. The new one holds over 300 and can be expanded to hold 500.

Also, in Ghana, Elder and Sister Renlund took part in a “Face to Face,” the first ever broadcast from Africa. Watch it below.

In other news: the Jordan River Utah Temple is finally reopening; a sister missionary dies in Guatemala; some Japanese anime shows the Salt Lake Temple as a fortress of the gods; and Utah’s favorite musical artist is not Mormon or a BYU grad. BUT WHO COULD IT BE?!

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