The Sisters return with stories about family reunions in Cambria, eclipse mania throughout their native Idaho, and eagerness to shuttle their kids back to school and out of their hair. It’s clear they love their children. So much.

Hurricane Harvey personally affected some of Tiffany’s family members. We have full updates on damage to the Houston Texas Temple, how reporters covered Harvey, the actions of missionaries involved with cleanup, and President Uchtdorf’s visit to the area, including his open-shirted remarks to a large sacrament meeting. Great stuff throughout.

The Deseret News covers a fascinating story about a baby switch in Preston, Idaho that rocked two families decades later. Did you know that if your baby is switched it turns out since it’s not a blood relative it wasn’t born in the covenant? A man in his 60s had to go to the temple to be sealed to the family that raised him. Really fascinated discussion to be had on all of this.

Arianne is personally acquainted with a lesbian couple that divorced so they could join the Church. You may have seen this story making the rounds, but it’s cool to get some perspective from someone who was in the couple’s ward when they first started attending.

Most importantly, a BYU student spent two semesters foraging for all of his food—on campus. This man is a winner and also needs a woman. But we’re not so sure he’s actually going to get a woman.

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