Episode #377 – Reality Check

A special episode focusing on Mormons and reality TV. There have been many of us on "unscripted" television.

We’ve go ta special rundown of Mormons on reality television! Lindsey Stirling makes her debut on Dancing With The Stars and kicks major butt. The TWiM Sisters are here to break it all down.

Evie Clair continues to dominate on America’s Got Talent.

What about Jungle Gold, an awful reality show that had two Mormons trying to exploit local resources mine for gold in Ghana? The cast and crew were even accused of murder.

And just as importantly, an innocent teenager gets sucked into competing on Project Runway Junior, which is apparently a show. (Can you tell that while the Sisters handle recording their own show, they are definitely not the ones writing the show notes?!)

The Deseret News has a full rundown of the 90 Mormons who have appeared on reality TV show since 2000. Here’s looking at you, Julie Stoffer!

Also, in news that matters, President Eyring visits Hurricane-ravaged Florida, lending a hand and lifting spirits.


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